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Weekdays at approximately 5:35 a.m., Weekends at approximately 6:58 a.m.

This program is available for sponsorship!
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STARDATE - a daily, two-minute feature - presents entertaining and informative ancient folklore combined with modern scientific discoveries. Sandy Wood is your host.

Upcoming Programming

Jul 30th, 2014: WIMPy Glow

Jul 31st, 2014: Ranger 7

Aug 1st, 2014: Lunar Checkers

Aug 2nd, 2014: Moon and Mars

Aug 3rd, 2014: Moon and Companions

Aug 4th, 2014: Moon and Saturn

Aug 5th, 2014: Moon and Antares

Aug 6th, 2014: RECONS

Aug 7th, 2014: Meeting the Neighbors

Aug 8th, 2014: New Searches

Aug 9th, 2014: Sigma Scorpii

Aug 10th, 2014: Perseid Meteors

Aug 11th, 2014: Construction Zone

Aug 12th, 2014: Powerful Jets

Aug 13th, 2014: Anders Angstrom

Aug 14th, 2014: Little Pictures

Aug 15th, 2014: Venus and Jupiter

Aug 16th, 2014: Planet Pairings

Aug 17th, 2014: More Venus and Jupiter

Aug 18th, 2014: Great Red Spot

Aug 19th, 2014: Great Red Spot II

Aug 20th, 2014: Great Red Spot III

Aug 21st, 2014: Mars and Saturn

Aug 22nd, 2014: Moon and Planets

Aug 23rd, 2014: Planet Bonanza

Aug 24th, 2014: Doomed Planets

Aug 25th, 2014: Voyager 2 at Neptune

Aug 26th, 2014: Moons of Neptune

Aug 27th, 2014: Neptune at Opposition

Aug 28th, 2014: Alpha Lacertae

Aug 29th, 2014: Cat's Eye Nebula

Aug 30th, 2014: Panhu

Aug 31st, 2014: Moon and Planets

Previous Programming

displays the previous month of programming
Jul 29th, 2014: Dark Center

Jul 28th, 2014: The Brick

Jul 27th, 2014: Galactic Track

Jul 26th, 2014: Old Family

The Real Deal