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Weekdays at approximately 5:35 a.m., Weekends at approximately 6:58 a.m.

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STARDATE - a daily, two-minute feature - presents entertaining and informative ancient folklore combined with modern scientific discoveries. Sandy Wood is your host.

Upcoming Programs

Sep 16th, 2014: The Next Wave

Sep 17th, 2014: John Goodricke

Sep 18th, 2014: Moon and Companions

Sep 19th, 2014: Moon and Jupiter

Sep 20th, 2014: Moon and Regulus

Sep 21st, 2014: MAVEN

Sep 22nd, 2014: Autumnal Equinox

Sep 23rd, 2014: Biggest of the Big

Sep 24th, 2014: Doomed Giant

Sep 25th, 2014: Moon and Antares

Sep 26th, 2014: Daniel Kirkwood

Sep 27th, 2014: Moon and Saturn

Sep 28th, 2014: Moon and Planets

Sep 29th, 2014: Moon and Companions

Sep 30th, 2014: Distant Hub

Oct 1st, 2014: Fomalhaut

Oct 2nd, 2014: Fomalhaut II

Oct 3rd, 2014: Fomalhaut III

Oct 4th, 2014: Maffei 1

Oct 5th, 2014: Celestial Sea

Oct 6th, 2014: Uranus at Opposition

Oct 7th, 2014: Lunar Eclipse

Oct 8th, 2014: Three-Headed Monster

Oct 9th, 2014: Event Horizon

Oct 10th, 2014: Black Hole Reality

Oct 11th, 2014: Moon and Antares

Oct 12th, 2014: The Elephant's Trunk

Oct 13th, 2014: Close to the End

Oct 14th, 2014: Sadr

Oct 15th, 2014: Moon and Jupiter

Oct 16th, 2014: Close to Mars

Oct 17th, 2014: Close to Mars II

Oct 18th, 2014: Meteor Showers

Oct 19th, 2014: Orionid Meteors

Oct 20th, 2014: New Names

Oct 21st, 2014: Star Time

Oct 22nd, 2014: Solar Eclipse

Oct 23rd, 2014: Polaris

Oct 24th, 2014: More Polaris

Oct 25th, 2014: Capella

Oct 26th, 2014: More Capella

Oct 27th, 2014: Moon and Mars

Oct 28th, 2014: New Distance

Oct 29th, 2014: Local Bubble

Oct 30th, 2014: Morning Mercury

Oct 31st, 2014: Halloween

Previous Programs

displays the previous month of programming
Sep 15th, 2014: Supervolanoes

Sep 14th, 2014: Silver Arch

Sep 13th, 2014: Moon and Taurus

Sep 12th, 2014: EQ Pegasi

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