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Newberry Opens WWI Exhibit

posted September 17th, 2014

The Newberry Library is commemorating the centennial anniversary of World War I with a new exhibit that focuses on Chicago in 1914.  The exhibit, titled Chicago, Europe and the Great War, aims to show visitors what it was like to live in Chicago during the run-up to and during World War One.  Newberry exhibition director Diane Dillon says the inspiration for the exhibit came while library staff was research another exhibit.  The Newberry is hosting a visiting exhibition that pays tribute to the American women who rebuilt France after the war ended.  Dillon tells WDCB News a decision was made to create a Chicago-centric World War I exhibit. Chicago, Europe and the Great War will be on display through January third.

RTA Chairman Praises Cooperation Among Transit Agencies

posted September 17th, 2014

Former State Senator Kirk Dillard doesn’t read the paper during his morning commute as much anymore. Dillard became chairman of the Regional Transportation Authority over the summer. He says the RTA job has him asking fellow Metra passengers questions and looking at buses and trains to see how many riders are on board. Dillard tells WDCB News reliability is a key for the service providers and that’s not just about getting to work on time. He says he want people to be able to get home for children's activities or to care for an agin parent. Dillard says for those riders it's important to know that if the schedule says a train will get them to their station at 6:05, they will arrive at 6:05. Dillard says the RTA Board recently approved budgetary allocations for the mass transit service providers. The preliminary numbers call for a more than 9% increase in operating funds thanks to sales tax revenue growth.

Cancer Research Advocates Call for Increased Federal Funding

posted September 16th, 2014

A group of American Cancer Society volunteers is calling on Congress to make cancer prevention and treatment a national priority.  Hundreds of cancer patients and advocates are in Washington DC for the A.C.S.’ Leadership Summit and Lobby Day.  Freeburg Illinois resident Rhonda Pour is the lead volunteer for the state’s Cancer Action Network.  She’ll meet with Illinois Senators’ Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk today. Pour tells WDCB News her message to them is that cancer research deserves more funding. According to the American Cancer Society, cancer kills an estimated 1,600 Americans every day.  

Coalition Building support For Education Funding Reform

posted September 16th, 2014

A coalition of nearly 100 business and civic groups, school districts, and advocacy organizations are trying to build support for education funding reform. ‘Funding Illinois’ Future’ supports the proposal State Senator Andy Manar introduced this spring. His plan would put a priority on a district’s property wealth in the allocation of state funds. Teresa Ramos is the coalition's outreach specialist. She’s optimistic this won’t just be another in the long list of conversations about funding reform. Ramos says because the group is talking about putting dollars where they are most needed and how those dollars can best benefit all students in Illinois, this isn't just another conversation. She says there is a lot of movement toward action. Ramos tells WDCB News childhood poverty numbers have grown across the state and the current funding model isn’t meeting the needs of poor students. Critics of the plan say it will strip money away from suburban districts to fund schools in rural parts of the state.

Adler and Lincoln Park Zoo Launch Citizen Science Project

posted September 15th, 2014

Since early this year, Lincoln Park Zoo researchers have been collecting pictures of animals that walk past a network of motion activated cameras. Now the Urban Wildlife Institute is partnering with the Adler Planetarium to analyze the thousands of images. Laura Whyte is the coordinator of Adler’s citizen science initiatives. She says the Chicago Wildlife Watch asks visitors to identify the animals to assess the region’s bio-diversity. Whyte tells WDCB News the project might even deliver some surprises. She says when ever you're exploring and learning about your environment there's always a chance that something you didn't expect will appear. Whyte says that chance for  discovery is what makes doing scientific research so exciting. She says the results will help urban planners takes the region’s wildlife into consideration when approving projects. Previous citizen science initiatives asked people to identify galaxy types from photographs of the universe. The Chicago Wildlife Watch relies on the same sort of pattern matching ability to identify animals. Whyte says it’s a task  that’s easy for people…but not something computers can reliably accomplish. 

Expo Chicago Continues City's Art Fair Legacy

posted September 15th, 2014

Chicago’s modern art fair tradition continues this weekend. The third annual Expo Chicago will open its doors at Navy Pier. But three years ago it was unclear if there would ever be another contemporary art exposition held in Chicago. For decades, the event known as Art Chicago was held at Navy Pier.  Merchandise Mart Properties eventually took over the fair and cancelled it in 2012.  One-time Art Chicago vice president Tony Karman launched Expo Chicago later that same year.  He tells WDCB News there’s a lot of pressure to maintain the city’s art fair legacy. Expo Chicago opens Friday and runs through Sunday.

Elmhurst-based Citizen Advocacy Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary

posted September 12th, 2014

The Elmhurst-based Citizen Advocacy Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  For the past two decades, the non-profit has created education programs, helped shape policy and provided community resources, all in an effort to promote civic engagement.  Former Citizen Advocacy Center executive director Terry Pastika says the organization was founded in 1994 with a simple mission to improve democracy.  She tells WDCB News the Center’s doors have always beenopen to anyone who has a question.  The Citizen Advocacy Center has become a resource for people with Freedom of Information Act questions, in part because the organization helped write Illinois’ FOIA laws that went into effect a few years ago.

Solar: The Next Wave of Clean Energy in Illinois

posted September 12th, 2014

While regulators, businesses, and environmentalists debate fracking in Illinois, another energy option is moving forward. State Senator Tom Cullerton and State Representative Deb Conroy hosted a workshop this week on the state of solar power. Illinois Sierra Club Director Jack Darin says it’s the obvious next step in development of clean energy. He tells WDCB News Illinois is on the verge of a leap forward on solar power. Darin says it's particularly promising for urban and suburban areas where there are thousands of roof tops. He says they could be producing pollution free electricity and putting electricians and other tradesmen to work. Darin says big-box retail stores, warehouses, and other commercial buildings are an opportunity for solar power generation. He says wind energy created more than 20,000 jobs in the past 10 years, and solar could have a similar benefit for the state’s economy.

Former Journalist Asks "Why We Don't Win Wars Anymore"?

posted September 11th, 2014

Wednesday night, President Barack Obama laid out his plan to eradicate Islamic State extremists.  Obama promised to “hunt down” terrorists who threaten the U.S., but maintained the expanded military campaign would not involve additional American troops on the ground. Critics have complained about the President’s handling of the ISIS situation in recent weeks. Former Washington Post military correspondent and national security journalist Thomas Ricks is among them.  Ricks tells WDCB News Obama’s foreign policy decisions have been flawed. Ricks will deliver a lecture tonight at Elmhurst College titled “Why We Don’t Win Wars Anymore”.  

United Nations Agency Warns Greenhouse Gases Are At Record Levels

posted September 11th, 2014

A report this week from the World Meteorological Organization ratchets up concerns about global warming. The WMO is an arm of the United Nations. It says greenhouse gases are now at record levels. Researchers say carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 396 parts per million in 2013. Evan DeLucia is the Director of Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment at the University of Illinois. He tells WDCB News the research suggests things are getting worse at a faster pace than expected. DeLucia says things that researchers thought would happen in 100 years, will now likely become a reality in 40 to 50 years. He says the change isn't something he'll see during his lifetime, but his children will have to adapt to a very different world in terms of climate. DeLucia expects warmer temperatures and bigger swings between hot and cold, and wet and dry periods. He says those changes will force farmers to adapt to new crops and could affect the nation’s food supply.

Cronin Unveils Proposed FY 2015 Budget

posted September 10th, 2014

DuPage County Board chairman Dan Cronin unveiled his budget proposal for fiscal year 2015 at yesterday’s county board meeting. The proposed $447.2 million spending plan is similar to this year’s budget. Cronin tells WDCB News despite some encouraging sales tax projections … no new spending was added to next year’s budget. The DuPage County board has until November 30th to approve the spending plan.

Advocacy Group Says Crosswalk Safety Is Still An Issue

posted September 10th, 2014

Five years ago, Illinois lawmakers passed the ‘must stop’ law to protect pedestrians; but the law hasn’t changed driver behavior. The Chicago based Active Transportation Alliance says fewer than 20 percent of drivers stop when someone steps into a marked crosswalk. Compliance falls to five percent at unmarked crosswalks. The Alliance’s Kyle Whitehead says the law is meant to reduce the number pedestrian fatalities and injuries. He tells WDCB News obviously motorists haven’t gotten the message. Whitehead says the law applies whether a crosswalk is marked or not and a crosswalk is defined as anywhere a sidewalk leads into a street. He says at any of those places drivers must stop for a pedestrian that is attempting to cross. The Active Transportation Alliance wants to improve driver awareness of the law; but it also favors increase enforcement. Chicago police have conducted sting operations to ticket drivers who don’t stop when an undercover officer steps into a crosswalk. Whitehead would like to see that done more frequently.

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